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Signs of the Times: Christy Coleman Shares How Group Fitness is Forever Changing

Signs of the Times: Christy Coleman Shares How Group Fitness is Forever Changing

From Bounce & Burn to Coach by Color, you may have seen some new additions to Campus Recreation’s group fitness schedule. Wondering what they are all about?

We turned to Christy Coleman, assistant director of Group Fitness here at The Rec, for answers.

Be Well: The Rec has recently introduced classes like BollyX and Hip Hop Step — how did the group fitness staff learn about these trends?

Christy Coleman: The professional staff makes every effort to experience what's new in the fitness industry by attending highly regarded fitness conferences during the summer. IDEA World Fitness Convention is the largest fitness conference in the United States. It was at IDEA World that I discovered BollyX, TRX, a format that inspired Cardio Blast, and many other incredible formats. Other times, we introduce new formats based on what students want to see at The Rec. Bounce and Hip Hop Step fall into this category. Students sent me YouTube videos of mini-trampoline workouts, and thanks to our AWESOME administration, we were able to purchase mini-trampolines and make it happen. Hip Hop Step was also brought to us by a student.

BW: What group fitness trends do you anticipate becoming popular this year?

CC: The fitness trends of 2018 seem to be high-intensity interval training (we offer Athletic Conditioning, Insanity, Butts & Guts Bootcamp, TRX Circuit and Bounce & Burn); using power meters in Cycling (we offer Coach by Color); Pilates (we offer mat Pilates, Pilates Glide, and personal Pilates Reformer sessions); and Barre classes (we offer Barre Essentials). Cultural dance classes are making a resurgence since Zumba debuted in 2002 (we offer BollyX). Recovery and stretch classes are also emerging (we offer Yoga Stretch and Meditation). One of our goals is to keep up with the trends and expose the Auburn family to what is currently trending in fitness.

BW: Does the Group Fitness staff plan on continuing to introduce new classes?

CC: As long as the fitness industry keeps changing, we will continue to bring cutting-edge formats to Campus Recreation.

Haven’t picked up your Group Fit Pass yet? Visit our website to sign up today, or try any of these classes for free. Check out the Group Fitness schedule for a specific list of times and locations. Dying to try a certain class this semester? Have a great idea for a new one? Let us know in the comments below, or share it with us on social media @AuburnCampusRec!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Jack P. 

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