Motivation Station: Weight Room Edition

Be Well is launching a new series featuring music from the students of The Rec.

We'll be posting Spotify playlists that you recommend. Each post will focus on a different workout "persona" and the types of tunes different students listen to while working out . We'll have posts for running, heavy lifting, climbing and more! Think we're missing something? Let us know, and we'll add it to the list!

Motivation Station: 10 "Swole Jams" from the Weight Room at The Rec

You know who I’m talking about.

Those people who nonchalantly perform fifty bicep curls with the heaviest weights in the gym. The ones who have completely tuned out the rest of the world and whose muscles are trying to break free from their bodies. Yeah. I interviewed them. Why?

I wanted to find out exactly which songs get them pumped and ready for “just one more rep.”

After talking to them and learning that, yes, they are in fact human, I discovered that underneath those sweat covered headphones was an interesting mix of tunes. I realized that the music they listened to when they needed an extra boost of strength can give insights into their motivation — whether it's financial or career success, love, or just to prove to themselves that they can.

After talking with these incredible, "swole" individuals, I decided to create a detailed playlist of the top 10 motivational songs they offered up, so that you'll be inspired next time you hit the weights. In this playlist of the gods, you will find everything from violin orchestras, to throwbacks, to Linkin Park — and even some more recent beats from Drake and Future.

Go ahead. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Weightlifting not your thing? Watch for the top 10 motivational songs from the "Runners of The Rec" coming soon!

Listen up, and...

Be well, Auburn.

Graphic by Sydnie S.

Graphic by Sydnie S.

Photography: Jack P. 

Graphic: Sydnie S.


Hadden is the epitome of "spunk." Her creative nature and desire for adventure have taken her across the world and placed her in the middle of some interesting situations.

She’s been with Campus Recreation since her sophomore year and has made it her goal to work in as many departments as possible. Along the way, she’s followed her passions from Facilities to Auburn Outdoors, and has finally found her home with the Marketing family.  

A senior studying anthropology and minoring in Chinese and business, Hadden thrives with the obscure and strives to talk to everyone she sees. On her days off, you can find her planning out the next Anthropological Society meeting, walking around the woods looking for cool bugs, or working out at The Rec.