Motivation Station: Track Edition

You know those times when you’re feeling the beat on the track and then The Rec's Pandora station abruptly shifts gears? Talk about a vibe killer.

Your "Hotline Bling" turns into "Closing Time," and that last lap around the track goes from “I can do this” to “Why didn’t I stop running five minutes ago?” While The Rec's playlist may be having an identity crisis, your personal playlist certainly doesn't have to.

Motivation Station: 10 Tunes from the Track

Lucky for you, I’ve done some digging and interviewed the kinds of people who “live to run” to discover exactly which songs keep them putting one foot in front of another. The playlist consists of 10 songs that were hand-picked for you by the runners of The Rec. They're fun, upbeat, and I guarantee they'll help boost your run to the next level. On your next run, start off on the right foot by getting your Panda fix, and then follow up with some Eminem, Drake, and more to keep you going.

So whether you’re an avid runner or are just getting started, this playlist will soon have you racing toward the finish line!

Grab a pair of headphones, and ready..set…GO!

Are there any songs that I should've included? Let us know in the comments below!

And if running isn’t your jive, check out last month’s article Motivation Station: Weight Room Edition, and be on the lookout for Motivation Station: Climbing Wall Edition coming out next month! 

As always,

Be well, Auburn.


Photography: Jack P.

Graphic: Sydnie S.


Hadden is the epitome of "spunk." Her creative nature and desire for adventure have taken her across the world and placed her in the middle of some interesting situations.

She’s been with Campus Recreation since her sophomore year and has made it her goal to work in as many departments as possible. Along the way, she’s followed her passions from Facilities to Auburn Outdoors, and has finally found her home with the Marketing family.  

A senior studying anthropology and minoring in Chinese and business, Hadden thrives with the obscure and strives to talk to everyone she sees. On her days off, you can find her planning out the next Anthropological Society meeting, walking around the woods looking for cool bugs, or working out at The Rec.