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Free Activities to Keep You Busy in Auburn

Free Activities to Keep You Busy in Auburn

All college students want free stuff. No arguments there. Luckily Auburn has plenty of fun free activities.

Although they can be hard to come by, free things are out there; you just need to look for them. Here are our favorite Auburn freebies you should take advantage of.


A Picnic at the Park

The Loveliest Village on The Plains has beautiful places to explore and enjoy for no cost at all. The pond at Ag Heritage Park by the Red Barn has plenty of picnic benches for lunch and open space for your dog to play. There’s also a disc golf course if you’re down for a casual game.

A Timeout for Game Day

Did you know that students don’t have to pay extra for most sporting events? If the answer is no, then you aren’t getting the most out of your tuition. Football is great, but so are baseball, softball or gymnastics. These are just a few examples of sporting events that your tuition covers. Tuition certainly isn’t free, but if you are paying it, you should make the most of it!


An Afternoon on Samford Lawn

Samford Lawn has plenty of room to throw the ball around with your friends and plenty of trees to hang your ENO in. It is a popular spot, so the chances of finding something to do are high. Samford Lawn’s close location is perfect for spending that hour you have between classes. Whatever you choose to do, Samford Lawn is the place to do it.

A Night Under the Stars 

Once the sun goes down, Auburn is the perfect location to catch a glimpse of the night sky. The Red Barn and the small pond by the 3D Arts Building are great places to see the night sky. Still too bright? Take a 30-minute drive to Tuskegee National Forest, which has multiple star-gazing sites.


A Break in the Game Room

Auburn weather can make it difficult to be outside all the time. Between the blistering heat of summer and the rainfall of spring, we all need some time indoors. The game room in the Student Center is a great place to avoid the weather and have fun doing it. Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, whatever you’re in the mood for, the game room has it.

A Workout at The Rec

An easy place to spend your free time for no out-of-pocket cost is The Rec. Improve your wellbeing by working out, cooling off by the pool, or scaling the climbing towers. These are only a few of the great free things to do at The Rec, and you should check out all of them.

Auburn has even more activities you can do without opening your wallet — just get out and explore. The possibilities are endless, and yes, they are also free.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Michelle M.

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