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Fall in Love with These Outdoor Workouts

Fall in Love with These Outdoor Workouts

Tired of going to the gym for your same old workout routine? Check out five of our favorite ways to workout outdoors this fall!

Those chilly days aren’t here quite yet, making the outdoors a fantastic place to get your workout in. But what workouts are there to do outside other than cross-country running? Here are just a few of our favorites.


Bored of staring at that same spot on the wall while pedaling on a stationary bike? Get out and ride a real one! Although it may be warmer outside than indoors on a stationary bike, the breeze, fresh air, fall colors and beautiful scenery are totally worth it. Make sure to grab your helmet first!

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Backyard Yoga

You don’t even have to leave your house or dorm to go to the gym. Just find some grass and lay down your mat, or you could even use a towel. Now you can practice your Sun Salutations in the sunshine. Finish your workout with a calm meditation to the sounds of actual nature — not just a recording.


Don’t have a bike? No problem. You can still get in a great cardio workout outside without running. Hiking gets your heart rate up while letting you take time to enjoy the nature around you. Check out hiking trails at Chewacla and the Louise Kreher Ecology Preserve for a local outdoor workout fix.

Hill Sprints

If you actually enjoy running, hill sprints are a great way to turn that cardio workout into a more muscle-intensive one. This workout specifically strengthens muscles used while running. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely you are to injure yourself while running. While these sprints may be strenuous, they are short, sweet, and rewarding.

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Fitness Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t mind running but wish it was more interesting, you may want to try a fitness scavenger hunt. Whether you map your route beforehand or not, these scavenger hunts are easy to plan. Pick out common landmarks or sights you may see on your run, and plan specific workouts for each one. Passing a park bench? Do 10 dips on it. Spot a puppy? Do 15 push-ups. These fitness scavenger hunts can be as fun, challenging, or creative as you make them!

Have your own favorite outdoor workouts? Enjoyed one of ours? Let us know in the comments below!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

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