Auburn Put a Ring on It

With graduation right around the corner, having mixed feelings about your big day is almost inevitable.

You've finally made it. Four (or five) years have flown by, and you're at the end of this chapter ... but the book isn't over yet. Check out the roller coaster of emotions any graduating member of the Auburn family is bound to experience. 

When a bad case of senioritis hits during your last finals week.

The confidence you feel after trying on your cap and gown for the first time.

Knowing that in a few short weeks you will never have to deal with parking services EVER again.

Finally feeling like the big man on campus after patiently waiting months for your big day.

Thinking of which iconic Auburn spot you’ll visit first for graduation pictures.


Getting hit by all the feels as you reminisce on the memories you’ve made

... with friends

... with football

... and most importantly, with Aubie.

When they finally call your name at the ceremony,

... it’s your time to shine.

Congratulations to all of our Auburn grads!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

Dallas was born in North Carolina, and raised in Cumming, Georgia. A senior, majoring in communication and minoring in leadership and professional flight, he hopes to one day embrace the skies as a military fighter pilot.

If he isn’t staring into the sky listening for the sound of the nearest jet, you’ll catch him lifting weights at The Rec or tossing the football with a friend at the IM fields. Dallas spends his free time exploring the world’s splendor through travel.

Dallas thinks the most valuable word in the English language is altruism. Anyone who knows him would say he is dependable, friendly, and willing to sacrifice his own wellbeing for those around him.