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How to Let People Know You Work Out

How to Let People Know You Work Out

Here’s the reality: you’re an absolute specimen. You’ve spent hours at The Rec, perfecting your physique, and it has absolutely paid off. You invest in the newest protein powders, sports drinks, and dietary supplements, and it would be a waste for your dedication to go unacknowledged. 

So, besides your visibly toned body, how are people going to know that you work out?  Don’t panic, because we have the perfect checklist for you to follow to ensure that everyone knows just how fit you are. 

Wear Athletic Clothes — Always

Whether you’re headed to the gym or church, a lululemon or Nike symbol should be visible at all times. This is easier than it sounds with all of the leisure-wear options available nowadays. Even if you’re dressed professionally, add a pair of tennis shoes to ensure everyone you work with knows that you do indeed have toned calves under those dress pants. 


Cause Fitbit Envy

If you want people to know that you woke up and went for a run this morning, you better keep your Fitbit strapped on at all times. Getting a spray tan? Fitbit. In the shower? Fitbit. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, you can even pair your Fitbit with an Apple Watch, showing everyone your dedication to tracking your steps. 

Talk About How Sore You Are

Was it leg day yesterday? Everyone you come in contact with should know.


Show Off That Hydroflask

If you’re not flaunting your need for hydration, you’re doing it all wrong. Carrying a Hydroflask, or any reusable water bottle, tells people, “I’m constantly dehydrated because of how much I work out,” which is exactly what you’re going for. For bonus points, carry a gallon jug of water everywhere with you. (Plus, you’ll get a little workout from dragging it around).

Reference Health Magazines Completely Out of Context

Use any and all opportunities in conversation to reference the article you read last week about why meal prepping is 2018’s hottest trend. You’re not just beautiful on the outside; your mind is pretty too, and you should show it off by demonstrating your immense knowledge of healthy living. After all, your workout doesn’t end when you leave The Rec… it’s a lifestyle.


Post Mirror Selfies at the Gym

What better way to try to convince people you work out than by literally showing them where you are? This is a great opportunity to show off not only your perfect physique but also your new and improved athletic wardrobe. 

Wear Sweatbands, Even When You’re Not Exercising

You need to commit and go full LeBron for this one, but it’s worth it. You’ll blend in with the athletic elite walking around campus when you’re sporting a Nike sweatband. There is no chance anyone would ever think you don’t work out with one of those bad boys on your head. 

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With all of the work and dedication you’ve put into your body, you need to do what you can to ensure your efforts are recognized. Besides, what’s the point of looking good if no one is going to tell you about it? If you follow these tips, we can almost guarantee that your physique will never go unnoticed again. 

Be well, Auburn.

Photography by Abbey C.

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