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Keep That Spring Break Bod

Keep That Spring Break Bod

The months leading up to spring break always seem to be the most crowded at The Rec, right?

As March approaches, everyone is motivated to get that #springbreakbod, but it seems that more often than not your workout motivation is gone once you return (along with your motivation to go to class ….).

Here’s what Auburn students had to say:

After speaking to some of our gym rats, I got to the bottom of the lack-of-workout-motivation-post-spring-break-itis. They said that motivation is lost because it’s easy to get out of the routine of working out. Once spring break is over, they just want to rest and not worry about working out when they get back.

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap this year!

After that much needed weeklong break, do your best to get back into your routine again. Trust me, it’ll make the adjustment back into reality, after an amazing spring break trip, that much easier. Hitting the gym might just give you the extra boost of energy needed to get you through the drag of returning to classes! Here are some tips for a smooth transition back:

Have an accountability partner

Find someone with similar goals, and keep each other accountable.  Sometimes you need someone to drag you out of bed to get that work out in on the mornings you just can’t seem to wake up. This will be especially helpful on that first week back (which is always the hardest)!

Maintain healthy habits

Spring break might have been a week of “treating yo’self,” but make sure you get back in line with healthy habits. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t work out as much as you hoped over spring break; you can get back on track. Get back in the routine of maintaining moderation, staying active and staying hydrated.

Focus on your long-term goals

Just because those spring break pictures are posted all over your social media, doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Think about your long-term workout goals and keep striving to reach them. Now is not the time to stop!

And don’t forget, summer is right around the corner

Not everyone loses motivation post-spring break. Auburn student Morgan Ammon said, “I still go to the gym post-spring break because summer is coming.  I still want to maintain good habits in and out of the gym.”

Have any motivation tips for staying in the gym? Let us know @AuburnCampusRec or comment below!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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