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Auburn University's Competitive Sports Field Space Expansion

Auburn University's Competitive Sports Field Space Expansion

What’s big, bright, and home to lots of sporting events? Jordan Hare? The Auburn Arena? Sure, they fit the bill, but that’s not what we’re talking about. 

The Auburn University intramural fields are home to many practices, tournaments, and intramural events. Located off Lem Morrison and Samford, the intramural field lights tower over Auburn University’s campus and rival the heights of Jordan Hare and the Haley Center.  


You can almost always spot some action on this 15-acre plot. Both intramural and club teams practice, compete, and meet multiple times each week to work on their skills and showcase their talents. 

“People use it for informal recreation as well. The perimeter of the field is a mile-and-a-half long if you lap it twice. People also play sports like baseball and pick-up ultimate, or even study whenever there is a pretty weekend,” said Nicholas Head, Coordinator of Competitive Sports at Auburn Campus Recreation.

The competitive sports team works tirelessly to improve The Rec’s competitive sports experience, and Nicholas had some BIG news.


“On top of all the great offerings that are already present, Campus Recreation is expanding the Competitive Sports fields by 30 acres. This will include two softball fields and three club fields, which will have turf instead of grass,” said Head. “This allows us to host more events and bring in traffic from other universities’ competitive sports programs. 

“We are here for our students. Anything we can do to help students succeed and live a healthy lifestyle, we support,” Nicholas added. “I personally love to see people using the facilities to take a break from class. It is another opportunity for recreation, even if you don’t play club or intramural sports.”

For information about this exciting expansion, watch for updates on our website and on social media @AuburnCampusRec.

Be Well, Auburn.

Photography: Daniel C.

Feed Your Body. Feed Your Soul.

Feed Your Body. Feed Your Soul.

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