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Dorm Room Workouts to Do During Midterms

Dorm Room Workouts to Do During Midterms

We know you want to get to The Rec, but when you have to cram, we understand.

Everyone has their regular schedule. Most include going to class, attending meetings, and hanging out with friends. We hope it also includes The Rec. However, there comes a time when midterm exams throw a wrench in everyone’s schedule.

During midterms, schedules change drastically. Students who are normally fantastic at time management go into study mode: dedicating day and night to their world history study guide. If this sounds like you, have no fear! Check out these dorm room workouts for when you just can’t part with those biology notecards.


This exercise targets your abs and really makes you work up a sweat. You may want to do this exercise on a rug or mat. To start, lie down and extend your hands above your head. Then lift your arms and legs toward each other to create a v-shape.


Jumping Squat

This exercise targets your legs — and you will FEEL it tomorrow. Start in the middle of your dorm room or living room, making sure you have plenty of room. Get into a regular squat position, then jump up, landing back down in a squat.

Glute Bridge

This exercise engages your hamstring and gluteus maximus (anatomy class, anyone?). Lay down and put your feet on your couch or another raised surface. Place your back and hands flat on the ground. Begin to raise your hips to the ceiling and hold for three seconds. Lower back down slowly and repeat.


Tricep Dip

Want a little break from writing all those formulas over and over? This arm exercise has got you covered. Facing away from your desk chair or another low, sturdy surface, put your hands on its edge. Bring your legs out in front of you, keeping them together. Then, lower your body towards the ground and push yourself back up.



This exercise will target your shoulders and chest to help you carry all those heavy textbooks in your backpack. Just lie down on a rug or mat in your dorm room and push yourself up off the ground, keeping your back straight, then lower yourself back down. Don’t be afraid to bend those knees if you need to!

Midterms can be stressful, but fitting in a workout doesn’t have to be. Even in the midst of the late night study sessions and Quizlet cramming, it’s healthy to give your mind and eyes a break and get a little movement in. Just make sure to clear your area first, so you don’t crumple up your study guide!

And keep in mind, while it’s important to study, it’s more important to take care of yourself and your body. Try not to stress too much, and remember your friends at The Rec when midterms are over…

We hope to see you back soon, and as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Elizabeth W.

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