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3 Fitness Products Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own

3 Fitness Products Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own

The fitness world is constantly evolving, and for those who stick to the classic treadmill and dumbbell workouts – it’s time to catch up!

Whether you're following fitness gurus on social media or are scoping out the try-hards at the gym, you’ve probably noticed some of these trending fitness products.


Why: Unlike traditional medicine balls or kettlebells, sandbells offer users a new, more flexible way to exercise. According to ACE fitness, the Sandbell is safer and easier to use because of its flexible shape and softness.

The shifting sand within the bag triggers and engages your muscles, forcing them to adjust to the changing weight. You also grip the Sandbell in different ways, unlike free weights, which limit you to their designated handle.

How: Use a Sandbell instead of a free weight. You can lift, drag or throw this weight in any direction to challenge your muscles to work harder. Consider incorporating the Sandbell into exercises like sit-ups or power cleans to get a full-body workout.

Gliding Discs

Why: Gliding discs help you get a complete, full-body workout. Incorporate them into your favorite exercises, or try new ones. Try these discs on an array of surfaces – (whether at home or at the gym!) and enjoy a smooth, low-impact workout. These discs help you build core strength by testing your stability and power.

How: Simply place these discs under your hands or feet and complete exercises like mountain climbers, pikes, knee-tucks, skaters, lateral lunges, and more. Each of these movements can be completed without lifting your feet, so your muscles stay engaged in the sliding movement, which promotes stability. Purchase a set and get movin’!

Foam Rollers

Why: Many gymgoers use the self-myofascial release (SMR) technique on muscles to enhance flexibility, muscle recovery, movement efficiency and pain reduction, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Auburn athletes also often use these foam rollers post-workout to massage their muscles.

How: The foam roller offers a deep massage by using the pressure of your own weight. Roll over a targeted area, and use your core strength to remain stable. Try applying your roller to your mid-calves, hamstrings, quads and back.

Next time you head to the gym, make sure you're prepped with the right tips and tools to get the most out of your workout.

Are you up-to-date on the latest fitness trends? Have any products you think we should include? Let us know below in the comments or on social media @AuburnCampusRec.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Jack P.

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