11 People You've Totally Seen at the Gym

It seems that regardless of where you decide to work out, you'll still run into many of the same types of people.

To celebrate this scientific phenomenon, we've compiled a list of 11 types of people you've probably seen at the gym.

The I-Have-No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing-But-I’m-Trying

It’s the effort that counts. But you’re also worried they might hurt themselves. Or someone else.

The “Hi, I’m Workout Barbie”

Full make-up, trendy athletic attire, perfectly styled hair, and probably inhabiting the elliptical.

The Unprompted Personal Trainer

What? You came all the way over here to tell me how bad my form looks? That’s so thoughtful of you. That’s my favorite thing to hear, actually.

The Hoarder

I’m glad you’re getting your reps in. Supersets are great. Seriously.  But do you really need all of those dumbbells right now?

The Social Butterfly

They seem to know everyone there and spend their time flitting from one group to another engaging in small talk. Did they even break a sweat? Do they even care?

The Overenthusiastic

I’m sorry, but if you run more than 20 feet with a smile on your face, I automatically don’t trust you.

That One Guy Who Basically Lives There

It doesn’t matter what time you go to the gym, he's always there. Always.

The Snapchatter

Are they here to work out or just to let everyone else know they are working out? I think we all know the answer.

The Man in the Mirror

Yeahhhh, you’re totally just checking out your form. I completely understand. Riiiiight.

The Jammer

Everyone can hear their music. It’s loud. It’s gotta be deafening. They’re probably dancing along too. Nice.

The Norse God

Tall. Muscles. Flowing, blonde hair. Full beard. Chris Hemsworth doppelgänger. You know, the guys who look like the spawn of a passionate, romantic tryst between Thor and Paul Bunyan? Yep, we see them too. They’re typically sharpening their battleaxes in the back corner.

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