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Nine Things You Have to Try at The Rec

Nine Things You Have to Try at The Rec

As the spring semester starts to wind down, ask yourself this question: "What are some activities at The Rec that I’ve never tried?"

Trust me, there are probably a lot. But don’t worry, I have put together the perfect Campus Recreation bucket list for you to complete! Whether you’re just leaving Auburn for the summer or just starting your adult adventure, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I promise you won’t regret it.

1. Cardio First

The StairMaster is guaranteed to give you a fantastic 10-minute pump — without completely exhausting you. I find myself here for a pre or post workout exercise. You can challenge yourself (and your balance) by ignoring the handrails or by increasing the intensity.

2. The Stretch Equipment

The stretch equipment helps you loosen up after a nice lifting or cardio session. This equipment can seem a little intimidating, but don’t fret — it displays stretches and how to perform them correctly. Grab a friend, and don’t be afraid to try this. You might be surprised by your own flexibility!

3. The Climbing Wall

Don’t let the fear of heights keep you from climbing the wall. Seriously, not just because you will miss out on the greatest full-body workout, but you'll pass up a really cool experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have a harness or your own climbing shoes, you can check them out at the desk by the wall. Climb on!

4. Racquetball

If you’re frustrated after a long day, or if you just feel energetic, racquetball is the perfect activity. Check out everything you need to play at the equipment desk. No need to know all of the rules, just get to swingin’.

5. The Rowing Machine

If you want a serious cardio workout, hit the rowing machine. You’ll feel awesome afterward. There are only two main steps to start this workout. One, choosing how many meters you will row, and two, setting your resistance. Once you’re all set, stick your earbuds in and pull!

6. The Jacob's Ladder

If you enjoy setting your own pace, then this workout is just for you. The Jacob's Ladder is a non-motorized machine that allows you to control how fast you climb. It continuously moves as you move and stops when you stop. You’ll get back exactly what you put in, so go for it!

7. The Heisman Level Terrace

If you want to cool down from a workout or step outside to get some fresh air, check out the outside area on the Heisman level by the squat racks. This terrace has tables and chairs, and it’s an easy place to get work done without having to leave the gym. Feel free to bring your books and get some studying done after your workout!

8. Group Fitness Class

If you feel like you work out better in a group setting, then try a group fitness class. Whether you have a class pass or not, you can always try one of our free classes such as Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation.

9. Auburn Outdoors

Need a way to stay active without the gym scene? Auburn Outdoors offers many trips each semester. Not only will you get a good workout, but you’ll have an adventure as well.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Henry G.

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